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Terms & Conditions

Order-Flowers – Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website

1. Who are order-flowers.co.uk?
Order Flowers are an online florist providing bouquets for UK wide delivery.

By placing an order on the www.order-flowers.co.uk website, via email or over the telephone you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

2. Making changes to your order
Any changes to your order including, change of message, change of address, additional items or cancellation must be made by 9am the day prior to delivery. You should email us at customer@order-flowers,co,uk with the specific changes required. Change requests made after 9am the day prior will be actioned if we are able but we are unable to guarantee to be able to do so. Changes or orders placed whilst our offices are closed, for example Sundays or Bank Holidays will be classed as being received on the next working day. Please see sections 18, 19 & 20 with our policies regarding peak season changes such as at Valentines Day or Mothers Day.

Please note that once you have received confirmation that your order is being processed cancellation is purely at our discretion and only likely in exceptional circumstances.

3. Minimum Order Value
Our minimum order value is £19.99. Orders taken under the value of £19.99 will be refused at checkout.

4. Delivery
4.1 Addresses

Delivery is always attempted to the address you provide, our customer service team will always try to rectify any incorrect addresses to ensure delivery is made correctly at the first time of asking. We will not offer any recompense for undelivered items should the address provided be incorrect in particular the postcode. We provide an extra field during checkout where you can advise us on delivery instructions for hard to find addresses.
We are unable to deliver to Airports, Military bases, PO Boxes nor Freepost addresses.

Upon placing your order you will receive a confirmation email with all your order details on, please pay particular attention to the delivery address and advise us of any errors as quickly as possible by emailing customer@order-flowers.co.uk. Should you not inform us of any errors and delivery is not possible due to the address provided being incorrect, we will not provide a refund and unless there are mitigating circumstances we will not send out a replacement bouquet.

Below are 2 resource site you can use to check the recipients address if you are unsure.



4.2 Deliveries to hospitals
Deliveries to hospital often cause problems due to patients being discharged early, or have moved wards, or have moved hospitals. We know that getting deliveries right at such a stressful time is important so in order for us to ensure delivery, please provide us with as much information as possible. Importantly the full name of the recipient and the ward they are on as there are usually more than one patient with the same name.

Various hospitals have differing policies regarding acceptance of cut flowers, it is your responsibility to check whether the delivery hospital does accept flowers, refunds or redelivery requests for refused flowers will not be considered.

When delivering to a hospital we are unable to deliver directly to a ward due to health and safety regulations, usually we’ll deliver to reception or the post room where we will obtain a signature, which will be classed as proof of delivery.

If the hospital will not accept the flowers, we will not be able to refund the cost of the bouquet.

4.3 Deliveries for sympathy and to funeral directors
When ordering for a funeral or as a token of sympathy, please let us know on the product page itself or in the Delivery Special Instructions what time the service is being held. We will generally delivery an hour before this so that fellow mourners are able to view the arrangement before the service. If the flowers are being delivered to a Funeral Director please provide us with the deceased’s name along with the name of the Funeral Director itself. Some Funeral Directors will refuse flowers that do not contain both pieces of information and whilst we will endeavor to check the details provided we cannot guarantee to do so and will not refund should delivery be refused under these circumstances.

4.4 Receipt of deliveries
For delivery to businesses, hospitals or managed residential buildings we will deliver to reception, the signature of the person responsible for acceptance of deliveries at such addresses will be obtained upon delivery and will be classed as proof of delivery to your chosen recipient.

4.5 Failure to deliver
If nobody is at home when we attempt delivery we will attempt to leave your flowers in a safe location on the property and post a card through the door to inform your recipient where to find their gift. Where this is not possible we will attempt redelivery the next working day. We may refund the delivery charge for late deliveries, at our discretion should Order Flowers be responsible for the late delivery. We will not under any circumstances be held responsible for any costs incurred for late or non delivery. As different countries have differing bank holidays if it is not possible to deliver your order due to a bank holiday we will deliver on the next available working day and will not offer any form of compensation for delivering after your requested date.

We can track our deliveries, however it is not always possible to contact drivers due to health and safety so please allow us time to be able to contact them safely.

Whether we attempt to leave in a safe place is purely at the discretion of our delivery driver and there may be instances where this is not feasible.

4.6 Timed delivery
In the unlikely event you have paid for our guaranteed before 1pm service and we do not deliver in this time frame we will refund the cost of the delivery back to you unless we have attempted delivery and nobody was available to take delivery.

4.7 Timing of normal deliveries
We will attempt to deliver between 8am & 6pm, however sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control such as weather and traffic problems we are unable to do so, our delivery driver will deliver as soon as possible under these circumstances. Please be aware that by ordering from Order Flowers you are not entering into a contractual agreement that we deliver during our stated times or your money back, but rather that we’ll deliver during those times or you will get some of your money back, usually equal to the amount paid for delivery.

4.8 Timing of deliveries during Peak Periods

During our peak periods such as Valentines or Mothers day, we may extend our delivery time to 7am to 9pm in order to ensure delivery is made on the day requested. If we miss this time slot, but still deliver the flowers, again please be aware that by ordering from Order Flowers you are not entering into a contractual agreement that we deliver during our stated times or your money back, but rather that we’ll deliver during those times or you will get some of your money back, usually equal to the amount paid for delivery. You are not entering into a contract which states we will deliver on the date selected or you get your money back, you are agreeing that we will refund any money paid for delivery should we miss the delivery time or date.

4.9 Delivery Instructions
We include a text box during checkout for you to provide any delivery instructions. The more information we have for difficult to find addresses or for business addresses makes delivery 1st time more likely.

4.10 Force Majeure
Any delivery service we use, or ourselves will not be held liable for any failure to deliver, whereby circumstances beyond our reasonable control result in late or non delivery. Circumstances such as mechanical failure, adverse weather, flooding, snow, traffic congestion, riots, terrorism act of God, or any industrial action.

4.11 Multiple messages or deliveries to more than one address.
If you would like to send multiple gifts to separate addresses you must place a separate order for each, the same applies for if you wish to send multiple items with different messages to the same address.

5. Availability and substitution
5.1 Flowers
Due to seasonal availability, or the freshness of certain flowers in stock, we may from time to time substitute flowers. When we do so we will always attempt to use flowers of a similar style and value. Our main concern is that your bouquet is beautiful and long lasting, please understand that any substitutions are made with ensuring your bouquet is as fresh and long lasting as possible. . Please email us at customer@order-flowers.co.uk if you would like to discuss any substitutions we have made.

5.2 International Flower Delivery
Please note that international florists have different flower stocks to Order Flowers and that the images we provide should be used as a guide only. We will attempt to deliver an arrangement that closely matches the pictures provided however we cannot guarantee to do so, however your bouquet will be filled to the correct value, consisting of mainly the flowers quoted.

5.3 Other products
Our range of gifts such as wines, toys, balloons and vases are usually held in stock. Styles may vary slightly from product to product and we reserve the right to substitute to another gift which is very similar to the one purchased.

On occasions where we offer free promotions, for example free chocolates, these are subject to availability and should we run out of stock before your delivery we will not offer any recompense for missing free gifts.

6. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee / Damaged flowers and refunds

Should a problem occur whereby you activate our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee dependent on the circumstances we will request a photograph of the flowers within 48 hours of delivery for any quality concerns or damaged flowers. Failure to provide photographic evidence will mean we are unable to offer any level of refund.

For late or non delivery we will either offer a replacement bouquet delivered for the available date, or a full or partial refund.

In the event of a missing item we will usually refund the price of the item (such as a vase) rather than resend.

If we believe that our 100% satisfaction guarantee is being abused by a person or a group of people we reserve the right to reject orders placed and / or block access to our website for these accounts.

We always take the stance of offering what we feel is fair and right in regards to refunds or resends, for example we would not consider a full refund for a bouquet which is missing a flower or two as the delivered bouquet still offers a large proportion of the value paid. Should we feel a partial or full refund is in order we will notify you by email within 48 hours and action the refund immediately.

7. Small errors with orders
Human errors do happen from time to time despite our best efforts. On these instances (such as missing message cards, a flower being forgotten from the bouquet etc) we will usually offer a discount on future purchases as recompense as the delivered bouquet has fulfilled the majority of its value when delivered.

8. Longevity of flowers
Some flowers will arrive in bud, this is to ensure they are not damaged in transit and to help ensure the longevity of your bouquet. We would expect your bouquet to remain fresh for 7 days (often longer) when cared for correctly and by using the flower food provided. Please see our flower care page for more information. Should you have concerns regarding the longevity of your flowers please contact us on customer@order-flowers.co.uk

9. Fraudulent behavior
Our customer service team and our payment processors may decide to reject an order because it fails our internal fraud checks. We reserve the right to block visitors we suspect of fraudulent behavior and not deliver goods until we are completely satisfied your order is not fraudulent.

10. Duplicate orders
By purchasing from Order Flowers you agree that if we see two identical orders we may on occasion cancel and refund one of them without contacting you.

11. Abusive behavior
We operate a zero tolerance abuse policy. Should anyone become abusive toward any member of Order Flower’s staff we reserve the right to immediately terminate contact with that person and block them from accessing our website.

12. Alcohol policy
Our range of alcoholic drinks are provided by our specialist providers who are licensed to sell alcohol 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a responsible organisation we take particular care when taking orders for alcohol and and fully support the licensing act. We will refuse to sell our alcohol products should we believe for any reason that the person ordering or the recipient to be under 18 years of age, or if we believe the alcohol is to be provided to minors. If we believe a minor has obtained an adults payment details to order alcohol we will not fulfill the order. Our delivery agents may request I.D. or refuse to deliver alcohol if they believe the recipient is under the age of 18.

13. Special offers and Promotional Codes
We may from time to time offer discount codes or promotions on products. Generally codes will have an expiry date and Order Flowers will not be held responsible should you not use your code in time.

14. Customer and recipient personal information
We will never divulge your information to any 3rd parties, including your recipient. Often we are asked who has sent flowers when a name has not been included on the card, please note that due to Data Protection we are unable to provide this information when asked.

15. Cut off times
Please order as early as possible for all deliveries. Our delivery cut off information is available to view on each product page.

16. Deliveries on weekends and public holidays
We deliver on Saturdays but not on Sundays nor Bank Holidays.

17. Changes to Valentine’s Day orders
Email us at customer@order-flowers.co.uk. Due to the exceptional demand for flowers at this time of year we can only guarantee to make any changes to your order if received before 2pm on the 10th of February.

18. Changes to Mother’s Day Orders
Email us at customer@order-flowers.co.uk at least 48 hours before your delivery date.

19. Changes to Orders over the Christmas Period
Due to the amount of Bank Holidays over the Christmas period please email us at customer@order-flowers.co.uk before 5pm on the 16th December.

20. User comments, feedback and other submissions provided by customers
You agree that any comments or ideas stated through our website are the property of Order Flowers.

You accept that you are prohibited from transmitting, copying or posting anything that could rise to civil or criminal liability under law include but not restricted to inflammatory, threatening, libelous, profane, defamatory or pornographic material. You take responsibility for the content of any comments made.